It's 10-Q Peak Filing Season - Are You Keeping Up?

The inFilings Edge

Company Perspective Perfected

The inFilings Company Profile gives you a bird's eye perspective on a company's SEC filings and management /director tenures. We highlight changes and additions so you know where to dig deeper for more detail.

Differentiated Ideas, Faster Discovery and Screening

inFilings is the only platform that completely parses and structures SEC filings - breaking them into their components to show you meaningful information and changes. Our applications will radically improve how you screen and discover differentiated ideas.

The inFilings Company Profile

  • 10-K / 10-Q grid highlights changes to key items
  • Single jumping-off point to the 4+ year detailed history
  • Key tables including compensation and peer groups
  • Management and board information such as tenure and demographics

Stop printing 10-Ks and laboring through redlines

Analyze individual items, like Risk Factors, side-by-side over 4+ years

  • Get a complete, holistic view of disclosures
  • Know exactly where to drill-down with color-coding that shows you what is new, changed and deleted
  • Easily identify small modifications that could be significant with our clear presentation of in-line changes

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